Typewriter CTA example

This is a Typewriter CTA

What is a Typewriter CTA?

A Typewriter CTA is a Call to Action component that has a moving "typewriter" like effect that is eye catching. 

How to add a Typewriter CTA

  1. Click the edit link at the top of the page 

    Example of selecting the edit button on a page
  2. Move your cursor where you want to place the component. (Add a section if needed). 
  3. Click the plus icon.

    Example of the plus icon with a red square around the icon
  4. Select Typewriter CTA from the menu

    Choose a Typewriter CTA


  1. Add the lines of text you would like your Typewriter CTA to showcase. Treat each content box as one line or sentence and be mindful of the character limit. (You can have up to five lines.)
Content section for typewriter CTA


  1. Toggle to the Styles tab. 

    Example of the Styles option selected
  2. Select the amount of additional space you would like above the component. 
  3. Select the amount of additional space you would like below the component. 
    Note: By default, there is no space below a component.

    Example of the top and bottom margin drop-down section with a red box around it


  1. Click Save.
  2. Scroll to the top of the page and click Save.

    An example of how to save both the component and the page. The save buttons for both are outlined in red to emphasize the action.
  3. Click the Done button beside the save button.
    Note: This will display the page in the closest representation of how site visitors will view it. All links and actions that are disabled in editing mode will be functional now.

    Example: of the Done button outlined