General Information

If you are uncertain of the URL to log in to your site, below you will find a list of all the sites that are on the Web Platform. The links below will take you directly to the site login page. 

Live Site

Links you to the publicly available site. Any edits or changes made on the live site will be visible to all visitors.


Test Site

We created test sites where you are able to build and test content before putting your content on the live site. This is a perfect place to test things because, if you inadvertently delete or disable something, over the weekend the site will be restored and fixed automatically. All the permission levels you have on the test site are the same as on the live site. 


Note: The live site is visible to the public


Note: Every Friday night the test sites are reset.  

Last updated: Jun 28, 2024
Site Name Live Site Test Site
Ajijola Lab Ajijola Lab Sandbox Site Ajijola Lab Test Site
Armstrong Research Lab Armstrong Research Lab Live Site Armstrong Research Lab Test Site
Autism Intervention Research Network on Physical Health (Airpnet) Airpnet Live Site Airpnet Test Site
Balliu Lab Balliu Lab Live Site Balliu Lab Test Site
Beigneux Lab Beigneux Lab Live Site Beigneux Lab Test Site
Bensinger Lab Bensinger Lab Live Site Bensinger Lab Test Site
Bernthal Lab Bernthal Lab Sandbox Site Bernthal Lab Test Site
Bhaduri Lab Bhaduri Lab Sandbox Site Bhaduri Lab Test Site
Bickart Lab Bickart Lab Sandbox Site Bickart Lab Test Site
Biodesign Program Biodesign Program Sandbox Site Biodesign Program Test Site
Bitan Lab Bitan Lab Live Site Bitan Lab Test Site
Bogdan Lab Bogdan Lab Sandbox Site Bogdan Lab Test Site
Boutros Lab Boutros Lab Live Site Boutros Lab Test Site
Bradley Lab Bradley Lab Live Site Bradley Lab Test Site
Butler Laboratory Butler Laboratory Sandbox Site Butler Laboratory Test Site
Butte Lab Butte Lab Sandbox Site Butte Lab Test Site
California Center for Rare Diseases (Rare Diseases) Rare Diseases Live Site Rare Diseases Test Site
Cardiac Computation Lab Cardiac Computation Lab Live Site Cardiac Computation Lab Test Site
Cardiovascular Biology Lab Cardiovascular Biology Lab Live Site Cardiovascular Biology Lab Test Site
Cardiovascular Calcification Research Lab Cardiovascular Calcification Research Lab Sandbox Site Cardiovascular Calcification Research Lab Test Site
Cardiovascular Imaging Research Lab Cardiovascular Imaging Research Lab Live Site Cardiovascular Imaging Research Lab Test Site
Center for Computer Vision & Imaging Biomarkers (CVIB) CVIB Sandbox Site CVIB Test Site
Center for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (CDMD) CDMD Sandbox Site CDMD Test Site
Center for Health Improvement of Minority Elderly (CHIME) CHIME Live Site CHIME Test Site
Center for Healthier Children, Families & Communities (Healthy Children) Healthy Children Live Site Healthy Children Test Site
Center for Iron Disorders Center for Iron Disorders Sandbox Site Center for Iron Disorders Test Site
Center for Maximizing Outcomes and Research on Effectiveness (CMORE) CMORE Sandbox Site CMORE Test Site
Chang Lab Chang Lab Live Site Chang Lab Test Site
Cheng Lab Cheng Lab Live Site Cheng Lab Test Site
Churchland Lab Churchland Lab Sandbox Site Churchland Lab Test Site
Clark Lab Clark Lab Sandbox Site Clark Lab Test Site
Coller Lab Coller Lab Sandbox Site Coller Lab Test Site
Cross Movement Disorders Lab (Cross) Cross Live Site Cross Test Site
Data Integration, Architecture & Analytics Group Data Integration, Architecture & Analytics Group Sandbox Site Data Integration, Architecture & Analytics Group Test Site
David Geffen School of Medicine (Medschool) Medschool Live Site Medschool Test Site
Dawson Lab Dawson Lab Live Site Dawson Lab Test Site
De La Torre-Ubieta Lab De La Torre-Ubieta Lab Live Site De La Torre-Ubieta Lab Test Site
De Robertis Lab De Robertis Lab Sandbox Site De Robertis Lab Test Site
Deng Lab Deng Lab Live Site Deng Lab Test Site
Department of Biological Chemistry Department of Biological Chemistry Live Site Department of Biological Chemistry Test Site
Department of Biostatistics Department of Biostatistics Sandbox Site Department of Biostatistics Test Site
Department of Medicine Statistics Core Core (DOMStat) DOMStat Sandbox Site DOMStat Test Site
Department of Molecular and Medical Pharmacology Department of Molecular and Medical Pharmacology Live Site Department of Molecular and Medical Pharmacology Test Site
Department of Neurobiology Department of Neurobiology Live Site Department of Neurobiology Test Site
Division of Laboratory Animal Medicine (DLAM) DLAM Sandbox Site DLAM Test Site
Dr. Joann G. Elmore Research Group Dr. Joann G. Elmore Research Group Live Site Dr. Joann G. Elmore Research Group Test Site
Drug Discovery Lab Drug Discovery Lab Sandbox Site Drug Discovery Lab Test Site
Eghbali Lab Eghbali Lab Sandbox Site Eghbali Lab Test Site
Emergency Medicine Emergency Medicine Sandbox Site Emergency Medicine Test Site
Essien Lab Essien Lab Sandbox Site Essien Lab Test Site
Events Hub Events Hub Live Site Events Hub Test Site
Everett Lab Everett Lab Sandbox Site Everett Lab Test Site
Fan Lab Fan Lab Sandbox Site Fan Lab Test Site
Flow Cytometry Services Flow Cytometry Services Sandbox Site Flow Cytometry Services Test Site
Fogel Lab Fogel Lab Live Site Fogel Lab Test Site
Fong Lab Fong Lab Live Site Fong Lab Test Site
Gandal Lab Gandal Lab Sandbox Site Gandal Lab Test Site
Geschwind Lab Geschwind Lab Sandbox Site Geschwind Lab Test Site
Global Health Program (GHP) GHP Live Site GHP Test Site
Goldstein Lab Goldstein Lab Live Site Goldstein Lab Test Site
Golshani Lab Golshani Lab Live Site Golshani Lab Test Site
Green Lab Green Lab Live Site Green Lab Test Site
Harris Lab Harris Lab Live Site Harris Lab Test Site
Hayes Lab Hayes Lab Sandbox Site Hayes Lab Test Site
Hays Survey Research Hays Survey Research Sandbox Site Hays Survey Research Test Site
Human Stem Cell and Genome Engineering center Human Stem Cell and Genome Engineering center Sandbox Site Human Stem Cell and Genome Engineering center Test Site
Innovative Support For Patients with SARS-CoV-2 Infections Registry (INSPIRE) INSPIRE Live Site INSPIRE Test Site
Integrated Diagnostics Shared Resource Integrated Diagnostics Shared Resource Sandbox Site Integrated Diagnostics Shared Resource Test Site
Integrative Center for Learning and Memory (ICLM) ICLM Sandbox Site ICLM Test Site
Intercampus Medical Genetics Training Program Intercampus Medical Genetics Training Program Sandbox Site Intercampus Medical Genetics Training Program Test Site
Interdisciplinary Clinical Advances and Research Excellence in Temporomandibular Disorders (I CARE 4 TMDs) I CARE 4 TMDs Sandbox Site I CARE 4 TMDs Test Site
Interventional Oncology Lab Interventional Oncology Lab Sandbox Site Interventional Oncology Lab Test Site
Jamshidi Lab Jamshidi Lab Live Site Jamshidi Lab Test Site
Jason Ernst Lab Jason Ernst Lab Sandbox Site Jason Ernst Lab Test Site
Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center Trainees (JCCC Trainees) JCCC Trainees Live Site JCCC Trainees Test Site
Justine Lee Lab Justine Lee Lab Sandbox Site Justine Lee Lab Test Site
Karen Reue Lab Karen Reue Lab Live Site Karen Reue Lab Test Site
Kelsey Martin Lab Kelsey Martin Lab Sandbox Site Kelsey Martin Lab Test Site
Kohn Lab Kohn Lab Live Site Kohn Lab Test Site
Kumar Lab Kumar Lab Live Site Kumar Lab Test Site
Kurtz Lab Kurtz Lab Live Site Kurtz Lab Test Site
Lai Lab Lai Lab Live Site Lai Lab Test Site
Leadership Education in Neurodevelopmental Disabilities (UC Lend) UC Lend Live Site UC Lend Test Site
Leonid Kruglyak Lab Leonid Kruglyak Lab Sandbox Site Leonid Kruglyak Lab Test Site
Loes Lab Loes Lab Live Site Loes Lab Test Site
Lung Cancer Research Program (LCRP) LCRP Sandbox Site LCRP Test Site
Lusis Lab Lusis Lab Live Site Lusis Lab Test Site
Mack Lab Mack Lab Sandbox Site Mack Lab Test Site
Martinez-Agosto Lab Martinez-Agosto Lab Sandbox Site Martinez-Agosto Lab Test Site
Mary S. Easton Center for Alzheimer's Research and Care (Easton) Easton Live Site Easton Test Site
Mathews Lab Mathews Lab Live Site Mathews Lab Test Site
Medical & Imaging Informatics (MII) MII Sandbox Site MII Test Site
Medical Student Organizations (MD Student Org's) MD Student Org's Live Site MD Student Org's Test Site
Microbiology, Immunology and Molecular Genetics (MIMG) MIMG Live Site MIMG Test Site
Miller Lab Miller Lab Sandbox Site Miller Lab Test Site
Minority Housestaff Organization (MHO) MHO Live Site MHO Test Site
Modin Lab Modin Lab Live Site Modin Lab Test Site
Molecular Imaging Technology Center Molecular Imaging Technology Center Sandbox Site Molecular Imaging Technology Center Test Site
National Temporal Bone Donor Lab (NIDCD) NIDCD Sandbox Site NIDCD Test Site
Natural EXperiments for Translation in Diabetes (Next D3) Next D3 Live Site Next D3 Test Site
Neural Repair Lab Neural Repair Lab Live Site Neural Repair Lab Test Site
Neurocardiology Research Program of Excellence (NRPE) NRPE Sandbox Site NRPE Test Site
Neuroendocrine system Lab Neuroendocrine system Lab Live Site Neuroendocrine system Lab Test Site
Neuromuscular Fellowship Neuromuscular Fellowship Sandbox Site Neuromuscular Fellowship Test Site
Nudge Unit Nudge Unit Sandbox Site Nudge Unit Test Site
Nursing Nursing Live Site Nursing Test Site
Nursing Intranet (Sonnet) Sonnet Live Site Sonnet Test Site
Pajukanta Lab Pajukanta Lab Sandbox Site Pajukanta Lab Test Site
Physician Quality and Innovation Lab Physician Quality and Innovation Lab Live Site Physician Quality and Innovation Lab Test Site
Plath Lab Plath Lab Sandbox Site Plath Lab Test Site
Portera-Cailliau Lab Portera-Cailliau Lab Sandbox Site Portera-Cailliau Lab Test Site
Rando Lab Rando Lab Live Site Rando Lab Test Site
Rao Lab Rao Lab Live Site Rao Lab Test Site
Reddy Lab Reddy Lab Sandbox Site Reddy Lab Test Site
Reed Lab Reed Lab Sandbox Site Reed Lab Test Site
ResearchGO ResearchGO Sandbox Site ResearchGO Test Site
Robert Prins Lab Robert Prins Lab Sandbox Site Robert Prins Lab Test Site
Robert Weiss Robert Weiss Sandbox Site Robert Weiss Test Site
Sallam Lab Sallam Lab Sandbox Site Sallam Lab Test Site
Samarasinghe Lab Samarasinghe Lab Sandbox Site Samarasinghe Lab Test Site
Scafoglio Lab Scafoglio Lab Live Site Scafoglio Lab Test Site
SCAN Laboratory SCAN Laboratory Sandbox Site SCAN Laboratory Test Site
School of Dentistry (Dentistry) Dentistry Sandbox Site Dentistry Test Site
Sedrak Lab Sedrak Lab Sandbox Site Sedrak Lab Test Site
Spellman Lab Spellman Lab Live Site Spellman Lab Test Site
Spencer Lab Spencer Lab Live Site Spencer Lab Test Site
Sriram Lab Sriram Lab Sandbox Site Sriram Lab Test Site
Tarling-Vallim Lab Tarling-Vallim Lab Sandbox Site Tarling-Vallim Lab Test Site
Teitell Lab Teitell Lab Live Site Teitell Lab Test Site
Teplow Lab Teplow Lab Live Site Teplow Lab Test Site
Tontonoz Lab Tontonoz Lab Live Site Tontonoz Lab Test Site
Translational Genomics & Bioinformatics Lab Translational Genomics & Bioinformatics Lab Sandbox Site Translational Genomics & Bioinformatics Lab Test Site
UC END-Disparities UC END-Disparities Live Site UC END-Disparities Test Site
UCLA Clinical and Translational Science Institute (CTSI) CTSI Live Site CTSI Test Site
UCLA Health IT (UHIT) UHIT Live Site UHIT Test Site
UCLA National Clinician Scholars Program (UCLA NCSP) UCLA NCSP Sandbox Site UCLA NCSP Test Site
UCLA Simulation Center (Sim Center) Sim Center Live Site Sim Center Test Site
UUCL Alpha Stem Cell Clinic (ASCC) ASCC Live Site ASCC Test Site
VA Greater Los Angeles Healthcare System VA Greater Los Angeles Healthcare System Sandbox Site VA Greater Los Angeles Healthcare System Test Site
Vaithi Arumugaswami Lab Vaithi Arumugaswami Lab Sandbox Site Vaithi Arumugaswami Lab Test Site
Vascular Biology Lab Reddy Lab Sandbox Site Reddy Lab Test Site
Vaseghi Lab Vaseghi Lab Sandbox Site Vaseghi Lab Test Site
Vlashi Lab Vlashi Lab Sandbox Site Vlashi Lab Test Site
Vossel Lab Vossel Lab Live Site Vossel Lab Test Site
Wanner Lab Wanner Lab Sandbox Site Wanner Lab Test Site
Web Platform Web Platform Live Site Web Platform Test Site
Web Platform Testing Site Web Platform Testing Site Live Site Web Platform Testing Site Test Site
Wells Lab Wells Lab Live Site Wells Lab Test Site
Wen Lab Wen Lab Sandbox Site Wen Lab Test Site
Wright Lab Wright Lab Live Site Wright Lab Test Site
Yang Lab Yang Lab Live Site Yang Lab Test Site
Young Lab Young Lab Live Site Young Lab Test Site
Zeiger Lab Zeiger Lab Live Site Zeiger Lab Test Site
Zhefeng Guo Lab Zhefeng Guo Lab Sandbox Site Zhefeng Guo Lab Test Site
Zheng Lab Zheng Lab Sandbox Site Zheng Lab Test Site
Zipursky Lab Zipursky Lab Live Site Zipursky Lab Test Site