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Overview of the Changes 

As part of the Web Platform 2.0 update, we have rebuilt how you will display events and articles. Previously site administrators had to create a new view every time they wanted to place a new filtered view. Many users provided feedback that it can be difficult to create new filtered lists of articles and events. This also led to the creation of a large volume of similar views. 

We are implementing several changes over the coming months to make this a more intuitive process. We created two new master views that are branded and visually appealing. You can place the view on the desired page and filter the view, content type, taxonomy (category) and tag by typing in the term. 

Please note: For articles and events to display properly with the new views, you must add the teaser text otherwise the view will not display your content optimally. This change does not apply for Localist events. Please visit this page to learn more about Localist event management

When the Changes will Occur

This new functionality will be available as soon as the Web Platform 2.0 updates are applied to your site. There is nothing you need to do for existing views on your site as they will be updated for you. 

What’s Changing

  1. All exiting views will be transitioned to one of the new views. 
  2. All users no longer have access to the view embed component or to create new views.
  3. The ability to add new taxonomy terms has been removed.
  4. All sites have a base level category of terms. Please submit a request to have additional terms added.
  5. There will be 2 additional components called:
    • Article Highlight 

      Example of an Article View
    • Event Highlight 

      Example of an Events View

  6. In the new views, you can add a featured article or event. This article will display at the top of the list and be larger in size than the list.
  7. Currently if you place a view, all articles and events will display in the view. You must enter a content type, taxonomy (category) or tag in the "filter articles by" field to modify the articles or events that display. If you need help setting up the filtering, please join the next Co-working Session and we will be happy to help you.
  8. You are able to add a custom title and URL to the component.

Additional Resources

Below is a list of articles where you can learn more about these changes:


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