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This article covers the following topics:

Overview of the Changes 

You are now able to search and see what pages have a specific component placed on them. There are many cases where you may want to search the entire site and find the pages with a specific component. Some situations where this would be beneficial include:

  1. Verifying that all person listings are up to date on every page.
  2. Updating all quotes on the site.
  3. Part of an auditing process of your site.

You now have an easy way to find pages with a specific component.

When the Changes Will Occur

This functionality is available now.  

How to Find a Specific Component

  1. Login to your site.
  2. Click Content.
  3. Click Paragraphs List.
  4. Select the desired parameters.
  5. Click Filter. 

    Example of setting configuration for the  Paragraphs List

Demonstration of How to Search for a Component

Step By Step example of how to find a specific component

Additional Resources

Below is a list of articles where you can learn more about these changes: 


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