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Overview of the Changes

We have been working to make the content creation process easier for our users and this started with the transition from basic pages to pages. We are continuing this work with a new and improved creation experience for pages. When you create a page, you no longer need to add the page title and breadcrumbs. This gives a more consistent user experience across all of the Web Platform sites and content types. 

When the Changes will Occur

This new functionality will be available as soon as the Web Platform 2.0 updates are applied to your site. 

What’s Changing

  1. Page titles and breadcrumbs are added automatically when the page is created.
  2. Access to the template settings has been removed for Site Administrator or below as this functionality is no longer needed. 
  3. Page titles, breadcrumbs and menu will no longer be available in the component list.  

Demonstration of Creating a Page

Example of creating a page with Page Title and Breadcrumbs added automatically


Additional Resources

Below is a list of articles where you can learn more about these changes:

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