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Overview of the Web Platform 2.0

Over the last several months our developers have been working to update the Web Platform. This is the most comprehensive redesign of our site since we launched. These changes are based upon user feedback and our knowledge of the site. This update is designed to make our site more intuitive for visitors as well as for our content creators. You will start to see these changes roll out over the coming weeks. There are a lot of little changes that will have a big impact. 

Unlike previous updates, we will be implementing the update site by site and not platform-wide to ensure a smooth transition. Our web developers and content strategists will migrate sites one at a time and verify the accuracy of each site. Consequently you will not have to make any changes and the transition will be seamless for you.

When the Changes will Occur

We will start implementing these changes on May 9, 2023. We will update the Web Platform 2.0 site by site and you will not have to make any changes.

What’s Changing

  1. When you create a page you will no longer have to add breadcrumbs or a page title. The site will automatically place this information on the page.
  2. All users are now able to log into their site from a URL on the footer. 
  3. To add a menu to your page, you will no longer choose any menu settings.
  4. An updated text editor (WYSIWYG) has:  
    • Consolidated buttons that allow for easier creation
    • External links that open in a new window automatically


  5. Views have been redesigned to better highlight events and articles.
  6. Articles, people and events have a new look and feel.
  7. Subsites on the Medschool site will have a new menu and a redesigned landing page in the main menu structure.
  8. All site will now have the ability to have subsites.  
  9. Site Administrators or higher will gain access to the appearance section of the site where they can manage global settings for their site.
  10. The ability to add HTML code will be restricted in the text editor.
  11. Much much more!

Example of the New Web Platform 2.0

Example of the new search page for articles and events


Coming Soon

  1. Add a colored background to full-width sections.
  2. Automatic accessibility checker that helps users ensure that content is accessible.
  3. Read time for articles, which allows users to know how long the articles are. 
  4. Crop tool for images, which allows users to better manage images.
  5. A new Lab theme allowing site owners to have additional styling options.

Additional Resources

Below is a list of articles where you can learn more about these changes:

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  7. Views for Articles and Events
  8. Opening External URLs in a New Tab
  9. SEO Features: Canonical & No Index Tags
  10. New Image Component Functionality
  11. New Access for All Site Administrators
  12. Adding HTML to a Web Platform Page
  13. Finding All Instances of a Placed Component

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