Please note that the instructions below pertain to some of our lager sites.

What is Site Access?

Site Access is a way of controlling the ability to edit content. While all users can see the pages, only designated content owners are able to change the content. Once you are logged in to the site you will be able to see all the content but, pages you do not have permissions for, you will only be able to clone. If you try to edit the page, you will be presented with an Access Denied message. 

All users can edit and access any content with the Default Site Access. When content is first created, by default, it is given the Site Access permission of Default, meaning that any user can edit that content. When your access to the MedSchool site was first granted, you were given access to specific Site Access based on your role.

Please follow these steps if you need to request additional access to the site:

  1. Contact the content owner of the Site Access who will then inform the Digital Strategies team to grant you access.
  2. If you don’t know who the Site Access owner is, please fill out a Support Request. Select "Requesting a Change in User Access Levels" and complete the rest of the form. The Digital Strategies team will contact the site owner to verify that you should have access.  

    Complete a support form

If you have lost access to the page that you created because you do not have the required access, please follow these steps:

  1. Contact another user who has access to the Site Access and have them add a Site Access that you do have permissions for (e.g. the Default Site Section).
  2. Complete a Support Request form and the Digital Strategies team will change the permission of the page so that you can access the content. 

    Complete a support form