Finding your Events

Once you have published your event, you may need to make updates or even delete your event. To do so you will need to be able to find and navigate the Content Overview page. Follow the instructions below to learn how to do so. 

Finding, Editing and Deleting Your Event 

  1. Navigate to the Events Hub and log into the footer.
  2. Go to Content > Overview on the left side panel.

    Screen capture of the menu flow for getting to the Events Hub content overview page
  3. Using the search filters at the top of the content list, look for your event. (Quickest way would be to use keywords from your event name in the "Title" field.

Editing Your Events

  1. To View the event, click the title of the evet. (Listed in Blue) To Edit the event click the "Edit" button under "Operations." 
  2. This will bring you to the event form for you to make edits. SAVE your edit(s) when done. 

Deleting Your Events

  1. To DELTE your event, click "To be Deleted" in the Additional Options Menu on the right-hand side and click SAVE.
    (Note that this cannot be undone. If you wish to keep your event but not make it visible to site users, change the status to DRAFT.)