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Moving forward, users will no longer have the ability to edit menu links. Instead, the menu link will automatically match the page title. 

If you toggle on the "Provide a menu link" option under "Menu settings" in the right-hand navigation, you will find the "Menu link title" field is grayed out and inaccessible. 

Screenshot of Menu Link Functionality Update

It will, however, display the text which will appear in the menu / site navigation. In the above example, the menu link title will automatically match the page title: "Sample Web Page"

Users will still need to use the dropdown menu under "Parent link" in order to add the page to site architecture. In the above example, the "Sample Web Page" has been added to the "History and Awards" section of the medschool.ucla.edu website.

Please note that starting May 30, 2024, if you edit an existing page where the page title and the menu link title are different, the site will override the menu link title to match the page title. Please refer to the "What Happens Next" section for more information.

Why Is This Important?

This update was implemented in order to ensure all sites are following best practices for menu structure and site navigation. 

When menu links don't match the page title, it can cause confusion for site visitors, who may struggle to navigate to the web page they're looking for.

In the example below, the page title "UCLA Overview" and the menu link "All About UCLA" don't match, making it difficult for site visitors attempting to locate the "UCLA Overview" page via the menu / site navigation.

Screenshot of Menu Link Functionality Update

Notable Exception

In rare cases, the Digital Marketing team may override the menu link (as well as the URL) in order to optimize the page for SEO purposes.

In these instances, the menu link and URL may be changed to include a high-traffic keyword.

An "SEO Notification" message will be displayed on these pages, explaining the purpose behind the change.

Screenshot of Menu Link Functionality Update

Learn More About the SEO Notification Message Functionality

What Happens Next?

In the coming weeks, the Digital Marketing team will review any menu links that do not match the page title and make the necessary adjustments.

If you notice that a menu link has changed and you have questions, feel free to "contact us" for more information.