Example of a sub site home page

This article applies only to users who manage site sections on the medschool site.


This article covers the following topics:



Overview of Site Sections

A site section is a mini site within a site and has a separate navigation menu that is distinct from the rest of the site. Site structure is how you organize your pages and how they are connected. The site structure menu is like the table of contents in a document. This allows visitors to easily navigate to your content. The site structure is also important from an SEO perspective and pages must be in a logical order with appropriate names otherwise search engines are not able to index your pages properly.



Considerations Before Adding a Page Into Your Site Structure 

Before adding a new page into your site structure, you will need to consult the Site Owner or Site Access Owner on the medschool site. This is an important step because there are many considerations to think about before adding new pages. If you are uncertain who is your Site Access Owner or, if you are a Site Access Owner, please complete a Support Request form and we will be happy to help guide you through the process.

Considerations before adding a page into your site structure: 

  • Is your page part of a hierarchical or tree-like structure?
  • Is your page structured to be SEO-friendly?
  • Did you add Target Keyword and Meta Description?
  • Have you looked at what your competitors are doing?
  • Do you have duplicative content on the page?
  • Do all your URLs work?
  • Does your page meet the WCAG AA accessibility standards?


Adding Your Page Into Your Site Structure

Once you have created your page, you are ready to add it into the sub site structure. Currently only Administrators are able to add pages into the sub site structure. In the near future you will be able to add the page into the sub site structure so please check back regularly for updates. To add your page into the site structure now, please complete a Support Request form and select a general support request