How to share your event with the DGSOM community

Want to get the word out about your event? Email is no longer the only channel for sending messages. Here are the steps to ensure the community is aware of and can attend your event.

1. Draft It

Gather all the details of your event:

  • Title
  • Date
  • Descriptive text
  • Audience (be specific)
  • Image (no text/event flyers) 
  • Website link (if applicable)
  • Contact person 
  • Registration closing date (if applicable) 
  • Registration link (set up Zoom registration for virtual and hybrid events)

Learn more about Zoom registration



2. Choose Your Channel

Should this message be posted on/in the:

DGSOM Calendar?

An online calendar of upcoming events across DGSOM. 

DGSOM Event Calendar

DGSOM Weekly Digest?

An email including events, research, and recruitment details is sent every Tuesday.

Research Seminars Calendar?

A listing of all available research seminars is emailed every Thursday.

The Digital Screens?

The television screens in CHS, Geffen Hall, Neuroscience Research Building (NRB), MacDonald Research Laboratories (MRL), and The Gonda (Goldschmied) Neuroscience and Genetics Research Center highlight people, events, and resources.


Emails can be sent to the entire DGSOM community (faculty, staff, and students) via DGSOM/UCLA.

3. Submit Your Event

Put It on the DGSOM Calendar

Submit an event to the DGSOM Calendar using our simple event submission form. For guidelines, please visit our Knowledge Base site: Creating Localist Events

Submit to the DGSOM Calendar

Add It to the DGSOM Weekly Digest

The Digest is emailed every Tuesday. Events are posted several weeks in advance of the event. To submit your event to the DGSOM Weekly Digest, follow the instructions on the Digest website. 

Submit to the Digest

Add It to the Research Seminar Calendar

The research seminar calendar is emailed every Thursday. It highlights events happening within the upcoming two weeks. To add content for distribution, please email

Show it on the Digital Screens

To add your event to the digital screens in DGSOM and CHS, please fill out a story/news submission form.

Submit Your News

Email It

To email the DGSOM community (faculty, staff, and students), please send your request to Messages will be branded, formatted, and checked to ensure the audience is appropriate. If you already have access to send to the somsite listserv, please still send the request. DGSOM Communications will format it, and you can send the message from your own inbox. To ensure the community continues to receive relevant messages, DGSOM Communications is limiting the number of emails sent to all.