Breadcrumbs are a secondary way of navigating a website. This gives visitors the ability to easily establish the path that took them to their current location. In addition to the breadcrumbs in the Web Platform, you will find that the left navigation window populates once you have enabled the breadcrumbs.  

  • Breadcrumbs 
  • Automatically Populated Navigation Bar
Breadcrumb Example

Creating a Page with Breadcrumbs and Page Title Added Automatically

Example of creating a page with Page Title and Breadcrumbs added automatically

To add breadcrumbs

Enabling Breadcrumbs
  • Select Edit (1)


  • In the "Additional Options" pane, expand the Menu settings option (2).


  • Toggle on the Provide a menu link (3
  • From the Parent link dropdown menu, select the correct parent page to start building the page structure (4).
  • Click Save (5).




Main Navigation Bar 

Once you have configured the Breadcrumbs, you will find that the top navigation bar will populate with the same structure that you added in your Breadcrumbs. To further configure the settings, here are instructions on how to do so. 


Example of the Main Navigation Bar

To manage the Main Navigation Bar 

Managing Main Navigation Bar
  • Select Structure (1).
  • Click on Menus (2).


Acquia administration page steps 1 to 3 - select menus
  • From the Main Navigation option, click Edit menu (3).
Structure Main navigation - Edit menu selection
  • To move the order of items in your navigation bar, simply drag the menu links into the desired order (4).
  • If you would like to remove some options, click on the downward arrow beside Edit and then Delete (5).
    Menus option editing menu links and moving the order